A sense of community and professionalism is at the heart of the International Fluid Power Society.

Our Milestones:

1956-57: A 22-week fluid power course was developed for 23 educators in the Detroit Public School system. The course was taught by George Atland, Vickers Customer Training Manager.

October 25, 1957: Based on the success of the 22-week fluid power course, the group continued to meet, wheels began to turn, and the group adopted the name Industrial Hydraulics Training Association (IHTA).

May 20 1960: The IHTA became the Fluid Power Society (FPS) Chapter 1, Detroit with George Altland, Vickers, Inc. as its first president.

July 1, 1960: The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) began providing FPS with administrative support.

August, 1960: FPS Milwaukee Chapter 2, Chicago Chapter 3, and Cleveland Chapter 4 were organized.

1961: FPS membership reached 1,000 in 17 Chapters.

1964 & 1965: Two summer institutes instructing fluid power technology to educators were conducted, spreading awareness of the industry across the United States in community and technical colleges.

1979: FPS membership reached 4,500.

1980:  The Fluid Power Specialist Certification program was developed and released.

1980-1987:Although FPS Membership remained strong, the Certification Program seemed to flounder.

1987-1989: Ray Hanley, with the financial support of Char-Lynn Company, began an FPS Certification revival.

1989:  Development began for the Fluid Power Mechanic Certification Program.

1991: The Mechanic Certification test was released divided in two stages: Mechanic I and Mechanic II, featuring separate tests for hydraulics and pneumatics.

1991: First group of individuals became Accredited Instructors with the FPS.

1992: Industrial Hydraulic, Mobile Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Mechanic Certifications and the Job Performance testing began development.

1992: The first FPS Certification Directory was published.

1992: FPS Headquarters moved to Bethlehem, PA.

1992: Three fluid power occupations were officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor in its Dictionary of Occupational Titles (D.O.T.).

1993: Pneumatic Mechanic Study Manual and Certification test were released.

1993: The Engineer Certification was developed and has since transformed into today’s CFPE certification.

1994The Fluid Power Journal was launched.

1994: The Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic and Pneumatic Mechanic Certification tests were released.

1994:  The 1994 FPS Certification Directory was released showing an increase of 50% from the previous year’s edition and included 2,171 certified professionals and 428 employers.

1996: The FPS website was designed and launched by John Groot, CFPPS, IFPS Past President and Life Member.

1998 &1999: The Specialist Certification split into separate certification tests for Hydraulic Specialist and Pneumatic Specialist; the Hydraulic Specialist test and Job Performance test were revamped and re-released.

2000: Mobile Hydraulic Technician Manual and Certification was written and released.

2002: FPS elected its first female president of the Board of Directors, Lisa Reeve, Hydraulic Technology, LLC.

2003: FPS hired IDP Association Management; FPS Headquarters moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

2004: The Fluid Power Conductor and Connector Certification test was released.

March 2005: The FPS officially adopted “International” as part of its name.

2007: The Raymond Hanley Certification Endowment Fund was established for technology training for IFPS Accredited Instructors.

2007: The IFPS Board voted to reserve $400,000 to review and update all existing certifications.

2008:  The IFPS Certification Directory listed 9,529 active certifications.

2008-2009: The Electronic Controls Specialist Certification began development.

2009-2010: The Electronic Controls Specialist Certification was released.

2009: The IFPS/First Scholarship was established granting two $500 scholarships to high school students who used pneumatics on their 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition robots.

2009: The IFPS has nearly 4,000 members and 10,000 active certifications.

2010: The IFPS celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

2010: A newly re-designed Web site was launched.
2010: The Mobile Electronic Controls and Industrial Electronic Controls certifications began development.
2014: The Fluid Power Journal celebrated its 20th Anniversary.
2014 - The Raymond F. Hanley Memorial Scholarship was established.
2017 - IFPS launched new updated Logo and Tagline, and redeveloped the Hydraulic Specialist Certification
2018 - IFPS launched new Website and redeveloped the Pneumatic Specialist Certification
2020 - IFPS celebrates is 60th Anniversary and releases the new Fluid Power Reference Handbook.