Pump Characteristics & Applications

Author: Michael W. Volk
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Author: Michael W. Volk - This reference book offers a practical introduction to pumps and provides the tools necessary to select, size, operate, and maintain pumps properly, highlighting the interrelatedness of pump engineering from system and piping design to installation. Examines computer software for system design and pump selection and contains two 3-1/2" IBM-compatible demonstration disks that illustrate how software can facilitate the sizing and analysis of pumps and piping systems. This book presents the fundamentals of pump and pump systems hydraulics, discusses pump selection and system design, explains the latest developments in pump technology, and more. In the classroom, this book supplies useful pedagogical features: real-world pump system examples showing how pumps are selected and sized, a concise presentation that does not require a heavy reliance on design details, and clear discussions that avoid differential equations and other higher-level mathematics and start-up.